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Delta Waterfowl

The decline of duck habitat and the continued loss of duck hunters are arguably the two greatest challenges facing our waterfowling heritage. Delta Waterfowl is working for you on both of these critical issues.

Delta is putting its resources where they’re needed most—on the breeding grounds. Research continues to confirm that the primary bottleneck for prairie ducks is nest success, hen survival and brood survival. These key factors must be addressed, and will be with your help. Large-scale losses of wetlands and upland nesting cover and run-away predation rates (on nests, hens and duck broods) are the factors most responsible for thinner fall flights. We can do better.

The good news: Delta is incorporating its cutting-edge research to learn more about the challenges facing breeding ducks. Delta has developed new tools and management strategies aimed specifically at raising more ducks for duck hunters. Delta continues to explore the potential of predator management and Hen Houses as cost-effective tools to significantly increase duck production and improve fall flights for years to come.

Delta Waterfowl is also addressing waterfowl habitat on the U.S. and Canadian breeding grounds. Delta is working on a CRP-like program in Canada called Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS). If we ever hope to fix the “broken” Canadian duck factory, farmer-friendly agricultural policy like ALUS is likely the only way to conserve and enhance enough duck habitat to make that goal become reality. Delta’s staff is committed to pursing common sense public-policy solutions that improve duck habitat and protect hunter access. Delta’s staff is also committed to ensuring that all regulations are based on the best available science. Rest assured, Delta Waterfowl is protecting your interests as waterfowl hunters.

Delta Waterfowl is recruiting the next generation of U.S. and Canadian hunters through our comprehensive mentored hunting program. Delta’s motto: If you want to learn to hunt waterfowl, we’re here to teach you.

If you want to support an organization that is focused on these critical needs, Delta Waterfowl is for you. A commitment to improving duck production and fighting for duck hunters is the heart and soul of Delta’s mission. If you’re a waterfowl hunter, Delta needs you and you need Delta.



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