Goose Blinds

Final Approach® Express Layout Blind

Final Approach® Express Layout Blind

This extremely easy to use layout blind sets up in seconds. Combined with light weight, the easy setup enhances mobility if you have to change positions. You'll be ready to hunt just about anywhere. The insulated backrest and floor shield you from cold ground temperatures. The upper is made with durable 600-denier camo fabric that has a PVC waterproof backing. The floor is made of waterproof 1,200-denier fabric. Dual side flagging holes.

  • Rust-free, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Stubble straps for added concealment
  • Split-lid system for quick access
  • Fold-down gun rest
  • Comfortable padded headrest
Final Approach® Sport Utility Layout Blind

Final Approach® Sport Utility Layout Blind

Hunters with limited cargo space, who still need to be mobile, have found just the right blind in the S.U.B. Its compact size enable it to fit just about anywhere. Thanks to the new Quick-Fold® joints, it collapses and compresses to fit inside compact car trunks while retaining its structural integrity. Final Approach's original lid system delivers quick shooting access.

The durable 600-denier poly-dacron fabric on the upper has a waterproof PVC backing. The floor is 1,200-denier waterproof PVC. Sewn-in camo face mesh covers you completely. A padded, reclined seating position and insulated footbag combine to provide additional comfort in the field. Fast-access dualside flagging holes.

  • Rust-free, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Stubble Straps for concealment
  • Push-button "Quick-Fold" joints
  • Padded head- and gun-rest
Final Approach® Pro-Guide XL Layout Blind

Final Approach® Pro-Guide XL Layout Blind

Larger hunters no longer have to worry about cramming themselves into cramped layout blinds. The Pro-Guide XL is 15% larger than the Pro-Guide model, so it's able to accommodate larger hunters and all their gear. The roomy interior has plenty of space to store blind bags and spare shells out of the sight of wary birds. Built with a 600-denier camo fabric with a waterproof PVC coating, rain, snow and sleet aren't a problem. Collapses and compresses to fit inside short-bed pickups while maintaining its structural integrity. Recessed, padded headrest and padded gunrest. Fast-access dual side flagging holes.

  • Larger size for bigger hunters
  • Roomy interior for storage
  • Rust-free, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Fast-access flagging holes
  • Durable material with waterproof PVC coating
RedHead® Deluxe Layout Blind

RedHead® Deluxe Layout Blind

Designed for the waterfowler who stops at nothing to bring in the birds, RedHead’s new Deluxe Layout Blind sets up quickly and sports a variety of hunter-friendly features that are integrated seamlessly into the structure. Underlying the Advantage® MAX-4 HD™ camo pattern is a heavy-duty 600 denier polyester fabric with a non-glare finish that resists ripping and repels wind and water, keeping you dry and cozy as you await the action. For extra comfort during those long hours in the field, we’ve included an insulated and padded back and headrest.

Attached to the bottom is a super-strong, 100% waterproof welded tarp that provides 6" heat impenetrable barrier that foils the intrusion of wetland moisture. Rustproof aluminum poles create the framework for the spacious covered area measuring 86"x36"x15", delivering the strength you require while remaining light enough to pack in and out with minimal strain. For ease of transport, the entire unit folds down to a size of 49"x36"x2.5". Also features dual zippered flag ports, a fast open lid system, stubble straps and adjustable interior pockets for storing accessories. Backpack type straps are attached to the blind. Weight: 21 lbs.

Beavertail Comfort Zone™ Layout Blind

Beavertail Comfort Zone™ Layout Blind

With a thick, beveled-foam back-support cushion, you'll look forward to spending long days in the field. The frameless, low-profile design requires no assembly and sets up in seconds. After the hunt, it folds neatly into a backpack-sized bundle, complete with hands-free gun sleeve. Use the gray and black door-flap interiors for long-distance flagging; there are flagging ports for close-in, "wingtips and tail-feathers" work. 600-denier shell with waterproof base and Cordura® nylonlined interior. Plenty of stubble straps for attaching natural camo. Mesh view screen.

  • Sets up in seconds
  • Thick, beveled-foam backrest
  • Frameless, low-profile design
  • Doubles as gear/decoy bag
  • Door flaps double for long-distance flagging
  • Hands-free gun sleeve
Cabela's Interceptor Ultimate Layout Blind

Cabela's Interceptor Ultimate Layout Blind

Built for the serious waterfowler, this blind has what it takes to keep you concealed and comfortable until it's time to pop open the twin-door covers and take the birds down. The camo cover is 600D polyester with weather-resistant PVC backing. A camo mesh face screen has an adjustable wire edge. The waterproof floor is sealed 1,000D PVC tarpaulin with 1,200D polyester corner reinforcement. A wide, adjustable seat features a movable, ergonomic back support cushion and improved headrest. There are zippers on the extended flagging ports, and a full, dog-compatible zippered foot pouch. For convenience there's a movable drink holder and double large-sized mesh shell pouches.

  • Stay dry in up to 10" of water
  • Adjustable back support
  • Dog-compatible foot pouch
  • Folds to 36"W x 49"L x 2.5"H
Cabela's Interceptor Mobile 1 Layout Blind

Cabela's Interceptor Mobile 1 Layout Blind

Sometimes speed and mobility are key to the success of your waterfowl adventure, and this blind is built to enhance your ability to switch locations quickly. Simple, three-fold setup and takedown requires no assembly in the field, and the included backpack straps let you slip the blind on your back and quickly make your way to a new spot. The floor and shell are tough and water-resistant 600-denier PVC, and a full-size cockpit makes for fast and easy entry and exit. Once inside, make use of the camo mesh face screen for added concealment, and the flagging ports to rouse the curiosity of approaching birds.

  • Simple, three-fold setup
  • Camo mesh face screen for complete concealment
  • Zippered flagging ports
  • Folds to 30"W x 32"L x 6"H
Avery® Finisher™ Blinds

Avery® Finisher™ Layout Blinds

The Finisher layout blind is the top-selling ground blind in the world. This highly durable all-aluminum frame blind weighs only 18 pounds and folds effortlessly to a compact 42" x 16" x 7". The 900-denier polyester top combines with an 1,800-denier polyester floor for rugged, water-resistant performance. The rear HeadRest™ moves from 18" high down to 15" and the front GunRest™ drops from 12" to 10" to create a low-profile silhouette. Zippered Flagging Ports™, a roomy cockpit, large windows with optional camo FaceFlaps™ and a double-padded seat make this blind one of the most functional on the market. Each has a powder-coated aluminum frame with steel reinforcement inserts at all stress points.

  • Top-selling ground blind in the world
  • Lightweight aluminum frame – only 18 lbs.
  • 900-denier polyester top
  • 1,800-denier Ballistic Cloth floor
  • Adjustable head rest
  • Double-padded seat



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