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Final Approach® Jeff Foiles Signature Series Waterfowler Flag

Final Approach® Jeff Foiles Signature Series Waterfowler Flag

"We have created the toughest and best gear available for extreme waterfowlers. Our gear has been tried and put to the ultimate test, 'cause in my job, there are no days off.'"
- Jeff Foiles, Owner, Foiles Migrators Inc.

Designed by Jeff Foiles with an easy-to-use hold and loops for assembly and a large golf club-like shaft and grip. Color: Black.

Double Trouble Goose Flag - Canada Goose

Double Trouble Goose Flag - Canada Goose

Available in Canada Goose and Snow Goose, each with camouflaged reverse side. Eliminate the "dead bird" look with this unique dual-side flag. After flagging, simply turn it over before laying it on the ground and it’s completely camouflaged!

  • Another original design by Ron Latschaw
  • Upward-angled wings for more realistic movement and appearance
  • Extra-strong 3/8” diameter lightweight solid fiberglass rod handle
  • Easy-to-use precision fit holes to accept wing struts
  • Full length pocket on flag body secures rod handle keeping flag tight and quiet
  • All stitching is heavily reinforced for strength and durability
  • Unique paddled handle grip keeps flag stable and won’t rotate in your hand during heavy wind
  • Specially-designed molded end piece keeps wings in natural upward-angled position
  • Highly
  • durable light non-woven polyester material
  • Flag can also be used as a kite
Avery® Power Flag™ - Snow Goose

Avery® Power Flag™ - Snow Goose

The flag for "power hunters," the Power Flag combines user comfort and durability. Its solid fiberglass pole, welded aluminum wing receiver and reinforced stitching ensure this flag will be attracting geese season after season. Its Easy Grip™ handle and controllable wing flex deliver an effortless, realistic flapping action.

  • Combines user comfort and durability
  • Flag will attract geese season after season
  • Delivers an effortless, realistic flapping action
Avery® Super Flag™

Avery® Super Flag™

The Super Flag delivers the realism you've come to expect from Avery. Intricately detailed feathering will consistently attract battle-hardened birds. The Easy Grip™ handle makes a busy morning of flagging comfortable. An innovative, long-lasting aluminum flag-arm receiver tops off the sturdy 30" fiberglass rod. Reinforced stitching ensures the Super Flag will attract and finish geese for many seasons. Black on reverse side.

  • Intricate feather detail for more realism
  • Easy Grip handle for more comfort
  • Reinforced stitching



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