Hunting Boats

Go-Devil 16'x56"

Go-Devil 16'x56"

  • No wood in transom to rot. Aluminum floor installed with nonskid surface.
  • Slick bottom, no keels to hang up on mud, obstructions or stumps and logs.
  • Round chines to roll off stumps, logs and ditch banks.
  • Will not slide in turns as conventional square chine flat bottom Jon boat.
  • Double angle transom for pushing backwards in mud and stumps.
  • Grab bar to hold on to while navigating rough terrain.
  • Large storage box.
  • Top quality running lights.
  • 10' or 12' Aluminum push pole.
  • Level flotation in bow, side panels and under floor meets Coast Guard standards.
War Eagle - Ducktoon

War Eagle - Ducktoon

War Eagle’s floating duck blind, called the Ducktoon, allows you to be where the ducks are. The Ducktoon is almost 11-feet long and 9-feet wide with room for 4 to 5 hunters. The Ducktoon provides a stable hunting platform and can be easily moved with a trolling motor to a new location. The Ducktoon comes standard with sheets of realgrass for concealment. The all welded aluminum ducktoon is available in your choice of seven licensed camo patterns.

Model: duck
Length: 10'9'
Bottom Width: 8'4"
Max HP Rating: Trolling
Hull: Pontoon
Weight: 525lbs

War Eagle - Standard 14' - 23' Model 860

War Eagle - Standard 14' - 23' Model 860

This 18-foot model is built for big waters— it works well when running on large lakes or rivers. The 860 gives you plenty of room to add several storage compartments, like rod or gun boxes. These boats have wide bottoms giving you ample space to carry all of your equipment or several passengers.

The 860 is a very smooth running boat. It works well with mid-range engines.

The 860 is available with a side or center console.

The 860 is available as a package model (LDBR), but there are basic 860 hulls that can be further customized to fit exactly your sporting needs.

Several layout options are available to help you build the 860 that works best for you.

Excel Boats

Excel Boats

We proudly introduce the Excel Shallow Water Edition.

This slick bottom boat will run through deep water and chop one minute and scoot through the shallowest marshes, without blinking.

Its triple-taper chine (area where the sides meet the bottom) allows it to turn on a dime. The interior is designed for lots of leg room and everything is where it should be for the serious hunter.

Topping it off is the finest fit and finish ever offered on a duck boat.



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